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The term "weener flop" can be used to describe a various amount of situations. It can be used to describe a negative situation or positive. It is typically used to describe situations like relaxing and not doing much when there are tasks that need to be done. It can also be used in more situations including attending a party where you know no one, as well as in awkward situations and don't know what to say, these are just a few of the situations "weener flop" can be used in. "Weener flop" is both a verb and noun do to its wide range of use.
-Me and my friends entered a party where we knew nobody so we made our way to the corner of the room and proceeded to "weener flop".
-I had a lot of work that needed to be done but instead of being productive I "weener flopped".
-Wow, that test was a "weener flop".
-Saturdays are usually reserved for "weener flopping".
-The receiver dropped a wide open pass, wow what a "weener flop".
by Brick Squad November 03, 2013
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