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The term referring to the fact that time does not exist on weekends. There’s no set time for waking up, eating, going to sleep, having sex, getting fucked up, etc. It is perfectly acceptable to smoke a bowl at 5am, go to sleep at 7, wake up at 3pm, cop a beej before breakfast at 4 and start drinking at 4:15.

Weekend time starts the second you exit your last class on Thursday and ends late Sunday night when you realize that your parents didn’t send you to college just to get shitty and screw sluts.
Yo, is it time for dinner yet?

Dude, it’s weekend time – eat when you’re hungry, fuck when you’re horny, and get wasted as much as humanly possible.


Yay! Let’s start drinking :) :) It’s five o’clock somewhere!

That phrase is for 40 year old single dykes. It’s weekend time, aight to drink at all hours of the day and night.
by Syracuse JOHNSON December 16, 2009
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