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flocks of noobs start coming around slowly on thursday. you can feel their vibe during the game, which is often a snotty attitude topped off with im greater than you type of talk. then friday-sunday it hits. they usually are younger kids that are still in school and play on the weekends, or are groups of buddies that come over each other houses and dont know what in the hell they are doing and are somehow always on your damn team. they are often rude and talk trash talk to the point where you dont want to play anymore because you feel childish playing a game with such immature people. you can however mute the weekend noobs or simply leave the room but you will then again see... you guessed it, more noobs. the worst weekend noob game of all time is HALO. mainly because the audience of that game is people of a younger age. socom, is completely and utterly horrible come the weekends. people who play online games know what im talking about... i hope, i am writing this on a friday oh shit their here, help!!!
(weekend noob)hey can i join your clan?

(me) yeah sure, but. it depends on how much your on, we play a lot.

(weekend noob) oh ok,i only play on the weekends is that cool ?

noob has been fragged and raped
by robert lee hayes III August 15, 2008
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