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Wayne Coyne is quite possibly one of the greatest men of our time. Frontman of psychedelic rock band, The Flaming Lips, he is a singer, songwriter, guitar player, composer, painter, illustrater, philosopher, poet, screenwriter, actor and director.

Everything the man touches seems to turn to bombastic brilliance. Eccentric and free spirited, he has been clean and sober from drugs for 20 years (to many's surprise,)and had an infamous fued with fellow musician Beck Hansen during their 2002 tour.

Wayne Coyne is an athiest and seems to be fascinated with sci-fi culture, he's also been called one of the greatest onstage performers in music, well known for rolling on his crowds in a giant hamster like ball, or covering himself in fake blood.

He is born and still living with his wife Michelle in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and enjoys playing with the neighborhood children.

He worked at Long John Silver's for 10 years, and was awarded a special badge of honor for his service. He also dropped out of high school and sold pot out of his apartment.
"I met Wayne Coyne after the show, he was incredibly kind and charming."
by the new pollution August 01, 2006
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