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Washington Pennsylvania, home of Washington and Jefferson college or W&J. You can tell there used to be money here due to the big old houses. However the money has mostly drained away. Replacing the money and the wealthy is whores, crack ,heroin and its junkies and the primarily dark skinned gangster type drug dealers. It has a very diverse population of rednecks/white trash in their trailors, ghetto people, college kids and blue collar guys. It has recently had an influx of natural gas wells and workers making the rent there way higher than it should be. It has a really cool historical haunted hotel there though. Also due to the drugs ever so prevalent there and in the region there is a whole bunch of rehabs and halfways houses. On sundays there is nothing opened, if you want anything besides fast food, convenience stores and the local grocery store forget about it. Also if you drive through watch out for deer.
by jdog 4128 April 15, 2016
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