Wannabe ghetto female- a female who never lived in the ghetto,but acts as if she has been in the ghetto all her life. She will only deal with males that are currently residing in the projects. She will reject her family morals, values, education, and the upbringing of self respect.
A female that grew up in middle-class suburbia decided. That her lifestyle was boring and uneventful. So she decided to start hanging out with the Misfits of her school. Her classmates that she decided we're more interesting because they were of low-income and there was always some form of hardship excitement. So she begin to fabricate her lifestyle in order to fit in with

them because that's what she felt was the

real world so she became a wannabe ghetto female.
by live wire March 29, 2014
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Stupid ass idiots living in seekonk, a somewhat wealthy town, who dress, talk, and act like they live in a ghetto because it is the "cool" thing to do.
The Seekonk Ghetto Wannabes should realize how rediculous they look, sound, and act because, to people living in real ghettos, they are just one big joke.
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