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Girls: Pose for pictures to put on their myspace account, downloads one Taking Back Sunday song and classes themselves as emo, their MSN names overcrowded with X's and dashes, eg: "xxSlitWristTheoryxx." Put stars all over their clothes and anything they own. Love the colour pink. Own one pair of converse. And maybe a pair of dickies. They ruin all decent music some how.

The Guys: Pink shirts, belts, stars, slightly camp fashion sense. Shop at TopMan oftenly.Own a pair of pink converse, and model their hair based on either Tom Delonge or Dougie from McFly.

My first bad experience of a wannabe emo/trendy...
emobitchkidudething: "Do you think if i was to spray a witch with water she would melt?"

Me: "No, because witches are human..."

emokidbitchthingywhateverijustsaid: "Oh right okay *Sprays me with a water gun*"

by i like to kill kids April 05, 2005
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