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wanna be not chavs are poeple who once upon a time listened chris brown and usher, but now because it has become encredibly unacceptable to be anything but a prissy little rich girl who looks like top shop has thrown up on them and that thev'ye "ALWAYS" listened to hard core rock! they are chavs at heart but can't show their true colours! poor things! they squeeze their anerexic bodies into drainpipes whilst we all know they'd really rather be wearing trackies and impossibly scraped backed gelled hair!
sometimes they'll listen to R&B in a retro ironic way, when really it's just so they can face another day of not being a chav!
wanna be not chavs is, she is thin wears all designer teamed with camden market, she looks good, of course... but wait didn't i see her at the chris brown concert when rock wasn't fashoinable?!
by shabaz September 08, 2006
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