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A derivative of the phrase, "Blowin' in the wind," which itself was coined by singer-songwriter Bob Dylan in his hit song of the same name. Whereas people use the original phrase to respond to profound societal and political questions, "Wankin' in the wind" is used in situations where the answer to a question is so painfully obvious that even someone foolish enough to masturbate in public would be able to answer it.
Person #1: When's the Fourth of July?
Person #2: Bro, you serious? The answer is wankin' in the wind!

Person #3: Arnold, did you hear that dumbass Barry in math class today?
Person #4: No! What'd he say?
Person #3: Dude, he asked the teacher what 30/6 is.
Person #4: HAH! Holy shit, what a moron. The answer was wankin' in the wind!
by Like, An Actual Linguist July 01, 2017
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