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A social phenomenon in which men from Western countries seek attractive, dutiful, and feminine women from Asia, Latin America, or Eastern Europe. Analogous to the “brain drain,” but in geographic reverse.
Example 1:

Danielle: Like, where are all the good guys at? I don’t get it. I have a career that keeps me super busy; short nails; pasty skin; a 32-inch waist; Ugg boots; frizzy blond hair; a pair-shaped body, and a master’s degree. I can barely cook and have slept with, like, just 28 guys. What gives?

Dave: Hmm, I’d say it’s the wang drain. Like Mike, the cool guy from sales, he just married a hot Japanese chick that works part time and has long nails; almond skin; sexy sandals; shiny black hair; an hourglass figure, and a bachelor’s degree. She’s a great cook and has had just two boyfriends before him. You seriously gotta step your game up.

Example 2:

Jessica: Why are there so many American, Swedish, German, Canadian, and British men living in Thailand and China?

Jeff: It’s not obvious? They’re part of the wang drain; they’re sick of imperious, career-obsessed American girls with huge senses of self-entitlement and mannish physiques, so they’ve come to seek beautiful, soft-spoken, feminine Asian women instead. It’s really quite simple.

Example 3:

Emily: Who’s that slut?

Elizabeth: Oh, that’s Kevin’s girlfriend. She, like, must have a 23-inch waist or something. She looks like a total ho. I heard she’s from, like, Croatia. Kevin must be part of that wang drain thingy.
by Ministry of Propaganda, D.R.G. November 16, 2010
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