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The process in which two or more people notice that one of their friends is walking/flirting with a person that is way too attractive for them. Thus, to break up the social engagement the initial group that noticed the flirting catches up to the canoodling couple and initiates a conversation to prevent the pair from flirting further.
Guy A: Dude, did you see Carl and Vanessa walking to class together.

Guy B: No, why?

Guy A: He was hitting on her like crazy.

Guy B: Wow, that's not even reasonable; she's way hotter than he is.

Guy A: You thinking what I'm thinking?

Guy B and Guy A in unison: Walk, talk, and cock block.

(They grab their books and run after Carl and Vanessa in hopes of killing the mood.)
by MBCI kinda sucks July 22, 2009
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