verb; was not; wasn't; ain't past tense;
i wain't ever going to your party
i wish she wain't a wordy bitch or i'd want it.
by pcheeooo September 14, 2010
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The redneck version of never basically. You werent late and you ain't late so therefore you were never late. w’ain’t late boissssss!
by gordon_ramsay_enthusiast August 04, 2019
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(pronounced way-nt)
meaning: wait + mistake
for example, if you're a fellow mistake and you tell someone to wait OR you are telling someone who is a mistake (mistake gang) to wait
Hailey: Omg girl waint for me
Isabella: wait your a mistake?
Hailey: no ofc not, you are
by amistake November 29, 2020
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