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1. The uncontrollable, annoying compulsion to over emphasize the pronunciation of certain syllabic sounds that are not commonly emphasized. These are usually emphasized on non-accented syllables in words that most people slur over - often to the severe annoyance to coworkers and family members. ex: Portal is said POR-tal. But a VN (voice narcissist) will pronounce it por-TAL.

2. the uncontrollable urge to hear one's own voice above an instead of all others. Includes laughing loudly at inappropriate times, or making phone calls for the express purpose of talking loudly so that you can hear your own voice.

3. being obsessed with the sound of their own voice and how is echoes back to them...

4. And causing a scene or "car crash" with words so as to be noticed above all others. To include loudly saying BEEP! In order to censor themselves.

5. the benefit to the VN of hearing oneโ€™s own voice is inversely proportional to the inconvenience to those in the immediately surrounding area.
Did you hear Donna on the phone? She makes the most retarded noises and talks so loudly. It's as if she can't be happy unless she annoys the crap out of us with her voice narcissism.
by jac1216 March 28, 2012
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