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a closet gay stuck living in his parents basement spending more time looking at porn and playing computer games then actually interacting with real people accept for on the internet. has never gotten laid, not even by the family pet. VIRGIN despite expensive schooling and being surround by girls or guys depending on which side of the closet door he is on can never seem to get a date. when with other male friends jokes about shit and being gay are often tossed around in attempts to hide the fact that he is gay and has a shit fetish. often he replaces a significant other with technology by spending copious amounts of money on worthless pieces of technological crap! ie:computer shit, video and sound shit and telephony crap. tends to neglect his vehicle, gets into multiple crashes "not his fault" also has no mechanical understanding.
Geek, Gamer, Nerd, fag, loser, virgin, closet gay, momma's boy, chronic masturbater

virginius tiny dickus loves to watch gay porn and jack off after he has played hours of video games which he sucks at in the basement of his parents place where he lives.
by 3 |^|^| 0 syndicate November 04, 2008
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