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Violet Harmon is a fictional character in the show American Horror Story season one and is a depressed teenager who has had a hard life like her fathers affair and her parents split up but she moves into a haunted house with her parents in hope to save their family and meets her boyfriend Tate Langdon who is a ghost and has a frightening past but they fall in love kinda like Romeo and Juliet but when life becomes to hard for Violet she commits suicide and is found by her boyfriend Tate and he tried to save her since she took pills he tried to make her throw them up she threw up some not enough but in the end Violet found out Tates past including that he raped her mother and they're relationship ends with her telling him to "Go away" but even though they broke up they are still a cute couple despite their depressing relationship #Vate
by Mrs.Magcon April 09, 2016
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