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The vigil honor is the highest honor that can be bestowed apon both youth and adult members of their local order of the arrow lodge. Other than being a brotherhood member for a minimum of two years, there are no set requirements for the vigil honor. Most vigil honor recipients have dedicated a large amount of service to there chapter/lodge/section or even higher. Out of every 50 arrowmen 2 arrowmen are chosen for the vigil honor every year, meaning that if your lodge has 350 people in it that means up to 14 people may be chosen for the vigil honor. Once you have revived the vigil honor you are given a name that best describes you. This name is written in the language of lenni lanape then translated into English.
My friend joe just got his vigil honor his vigil name is "gattamen sachgagunummen" which means "one who desires to lead"
by Thatguy42 August 11, 2016
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