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A vegetarian sausage can describe a "vegetarian person" who wants to eat meat, and buys "meatlike products" made out of plant material. Why call yourself a vegetarian if you're going to buy products named after meat that is made up of plant life? Cuz you're a "Vegetarian Sausage".
This means you can refer to people as a "vegetarian sausage", if they eat "fake meat" made out of plant products. This is the hypocritical high point, because vegetarians who eat "fake meat" really want " real meat", but can't eat it because they cringe about the animal dying, so they just eat "fake meat", such as a "vegetarian sausage".

Point: If a vegetarian wants to be a true "non-eat eater" vegetarian, why do they try to make "meat" out of vegetables? BTW: Studies have shown that plants actually feel injuries, and recoil from "pain". Plants have feelings, too, you know!

If you're trying to "mask" the fact you want real meat by eating vegetarian sausages, "burgers", "jerkey" "eggs" etc made out of plants, you plainly are a "vegetarian sausage"! (A person who says they are vegetarian, but eats food named after real meat).
by Rurik The Vred October 12, 2011
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