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The Vault of Glass is a terrible excuse that Destiny developers call a raid, in which you are anally penetrated by The Templar's one inch warrior, but somehow manages to slide it up your ribs and throat and out of your mouth to repeated hit your microphone so that new players will have no idea what the fuck you're saying. Oracles (Old Ratchet Assmunching Cunt Lickers that Eat Salad) are to be shot in the most random ass order so that some dumbass can fall off the map and add more rounds of the double-ended dick lickers.
But in the end, you realize why you did it all. Because you get awesome loot in the end... Unless you get FUCKING ANALLY RAPED BY ATHEONS ASCENDANT SHARD ASSWIPES.
Warren: "I did The Vault of Glass yesterday."
Donald: "So I guess you're not a virgin anymore"
Jack: "I have no idea what the fuck I am doing"
Blake: *gets angry and starts threatening to kick warren*
Chase: *Chase*
by Meepzore October 24, 2015
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