A fiendishly, coked-out, high-strong-out, i-pod like kitten which supposedly sleeps for like 10 minutes and is charged for the rest of the day to have long durations of terrorizing, biting, scratching, defiling of furniture, and other various objects alive or not big or small of which it could get its little sharp paws on to. While appearing to be cute and innocent looking and to other who are not its original owners acts very nice and docile when the doors are closed, cameras are off, the shades and lights are down all hell breaks loose...Skin will tear shouts will ring in the air and there will be all kinds of FUBAR!
"Oh damn! your vampire kitty is at it again sucking souls and draining holes"

"that cat is seriously coked out on something or he's one helluva vampire kitty"

"He bit the hell outta me I think I'm bleeding friggin Vampire kitty"

"Awww it's a monster I tell you a monster friggin vampire kitty why can't I just pet him without him biting me"
by Te'shan Prince April 17, 2009
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