An amalgamation of genres and influences of, or relating to, various musical styles; from the contemporary sounds of liquid funk, drum'n'bass, hip hop and dubstep through to classic staples such as jazz, dub reggae, samba and classical, as well as social and cultural factors including but in no way limited to, grass roots non-violent activism, active involvement in local politics, community based initiatives, self help and regeneration, youth work, outreach work, sound system culture, the free party scene, the free man movement and marijuana legislation.
Alphonso: Oi listen star, this bag is diet, I swear weight watchers must be packing your draws, king.

Austin: That's what you get for 20 these days, lion. I'm paying 240 an O, ya get me?

Alphonso: Get this, chief, you need to get yourself a grow on, that's urban dub culture right there, forget about this 2010 draw business, we need to get back to the soil, you know? The roots!
by Alphonso Jerome July 5, 2010
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