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Only to be used in extreme, dire situations, in which every phrase in your arsenal has been either used, exhausted, or turned against you. This is the ultimate comeback which, once uttered triggers a chain reaction of events that collapses the sun, destroys the Milky Way galaxy, and ends all life in the universe as we know it. This is final. This is The End.
John:Ur mom gay, ur dad lesbian, ur granny tranny, ur brother mother, ur sister mister, ur grandpap a trap, ur ancestors incestors, and your family tree LGBT.
Henry: You've left me no choice.
John: Wait stop I didn't mean any o-.
Henry: It's too late. You've doomed us all.
Henry:ur dog a log.
*Gunshots sound, screams in the distance, sirens can be heard from afar. The moon has ceased to exist. The galaxy is spiraling 200000x faster, tearing itself and everything around it apart at rapid speeds. The end of the universe has come. There is no salvation. God has left the server.
by KingKonguptheAss June 06, 2018
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