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The act of taking a shit on wax paper, wrapping it up and putting it in the freezer until solid frozen. Then using the frozen turd as a time delay shit bomb, drop it in the upper tank of a toilette. The Shit Agent will have time to escape and the results won’t happen until hours after he is long gone. Once the shit thaws and someone flushes the toilette, it will fill the bowl with brown water and mission is complete.
I was over Jill’s house and she had a couple people over . I wanted to upperdecker her toilette but didn’t want to get caught. Since I have mad spy skills I used some frozen shit I stashed in her deep freezer and upperdecker 007’d her toilette , giving me plenty of time between the time I left and when Allyson went in and flushed it.
by Stephen Roche October 23, 2017
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