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The University of North Florida is one of Florida's several public higher education institutions. Also referred to as UNF it is located in Jacksonville, FL and conveniently located near the beaches and the nearby Town Center. The campus is on a nature preserve so wildlife is everywhere--especially the Canada geese who never migrate and who pretty much everyone hates (students in Osprey Hall on lakeside are particularly vindictive). UNFs current undergraduate student body is around 16,000 as of my last look on their website. They also offer a graduate program and many scholarship opportunities. Best things to do on campus include sitting out on the Green in nice weather and going to the gym or hitting the nature trails. Things to watch out for: the skateboarders are everywhere and some of them do not watch where they are going and geese poop is everywhere as well. All in all UNF is an amazing school and anyone who says differently needs to get some more school spirit. Go Ospreys!
Girl 1: You go to the University of North Florida?
Girl 2: Yeah I do!
Girl 1: What's it like there?
Girl 2: OMG Unf is amazing!
by zinniachick'89 March 24, 2009
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