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there are...
wierd ppl
a few gay... but still cool
ass holes
and then... their's b-griff... yes thats right... most of you all know him as "the kid who runs everywhere" he's the coolest out of all of em
*whooosh* "holy shit there goes that kid who runs everywhere"
by thetruth April 11, 2005
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the bulk of u-ville is the preps. the preps are just funkin' whores who think that they are all gravvy and handsome...some might be...but their really not.

then there are the jocks...hmm what is there to say about them except U DONT ALL LOOK GOOD IN UR FOOTBALL UNIFORMS SO FUCKING STOP FLAUNTING THEM!

the ghetto crewz- im not gonna say anything except YOUR NOT BLACK.

the druggies- there arent really that many true druggies. there are PLENTY who claim that they are...but really they just listen to rockish music and play along with that scene. there are only really about 20 people in the whole school who do drugs. yea right i know ur readin this and thinking HAHA THATS SOO INCORRECT..but believe me... its not. u wouldnt believe how many people claim to be druggies but they aint. there must be like 150 people who keep cigarettes in their bookbags and lockers and other places that people can easily find. for that sole purpose. to be found. they also light up the cigarettes and rub the buds on them so they smell like theyve been fucking themselves up.
yes, probaly everybody in the whole school has tried getting high once. BUT THAT DOESNT MAKE THEM A DRUGGIE! so stop pertending u r when ur notttt already!!!!

oh and its not hot either.
"boys arent men unless they have a lady"
by ashjlegrblhjds January 01, 2005
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