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A union Monopoly is a union which has large amounts of political power and social influence.

These types of unions are often monopolistic in terms of forced unionization,

and are Coercive in terms of involuntary labor practices.

over time union monopolies start providing less and less services later asking members for more fees in return for less union services. Union monopolies often times bribe political officials to prevent companies from leaving their situated areas or governments from reworking their contracts. They are also unwilling to negotiate so they often times bankrupt the same companies or cities of which their workers they represent

Union monopolies Are known to bribe political officials in attempts to enforce all citizen workers under a single union. some politicians known to support union monopolies such as democratic socialist Bernie sanders whom has been a vocal supporter of forced unionization.

Sadly many citizens are often times unaware that unions are just as corrupt as corporate monopolies.

the intentions may be different, but the means are all the same.
Voters vote in Bernie sanders. Bernie sanders has been bought by the union monopoly. The unions fund his campaign, the workers fund the unions. The voters pay for union backed companies and union worker government services.

Cycle of corruption.
by ascocisco September 15, 2015
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