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Also known as the state of perpetual happy hour.
When you lose your job and find yourself doing nothing but drinking and getting high all day and night. You know where all the good happy hour spots are. You fridge has nothing but beer and leftovers. You wake up hungover a lot and start drinking before 12. You begin to drunk dial your friends when they are at work.
Symptoms include but are not limited to:
not knowing what day it is
dehydration and nausea
day drunkeness
knowing a wide variety of bartenders
cliaming unemployment benefits and blowing it all at the bar
developing a high tolerance for booze
jealous friends
Dude, whats wrong with Sarah and Joel? Its only 2pm and they are fucking wasted!
Eh, dont worry they'll be all right, they just have a really bad case of the unemployment disease.
They should get better when they find jobs again.
by super sarah tc February 28, 2009
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