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The state or quality of being naked in a way that does, for some reason, not arouse the spectator(s). Unarousing nudity is typically a form of casual nudity in a context that takes the sting of physical attraction out of it.

Examples include:
- Figure drawing
- Seeing particular people naked, such as your parents
- Doctor's visit

Unarousing nudity does not include not being attracted to someone naked, in whatever circumstances, on account of personal taste (gender, age, physical characteristics, ...).
"It's weird. There I was, in art class, drawing the body of a beautiful, naked, young woman a few feet away from me, and I didn't get aroused at all. Of course it was exciting. Of course I felt artistically stimulated. But not once did I get sexually aroused. Unarousing nudity is a peculiar thing. Goes to show that sexual desire is contextually-made, isn't it?"
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by Monticello-W October 19, 2016
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