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A word introverts use whenever they are asked why they are so shy and why won't they stop being so shy.

Merely translates to "I don't know why I am this way. When I'm out with people, I wish I was home and alone. When I'm home and alone, I wish I was out with people. It's a horrible loop. There's no explaining my strange ways, and I'm trying to better myself with every chance I get, but you getting frustrated with me won't help at all. I appreciate you taking me places and making an effort. But please, unless you suffer the same anxiety I do, stop being mad at me for my social difficulties. I will get there when the time's right. In the mean time, please try to understand why I'm like this."
Extrovert(s): Hey, why won't you stop being so shy and come join us?

Introvert: uhhh ehrm
by Pink Larry the Pink Guy June 21, 2018
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