Something fun to laugh at. Usually found in raves, parties, and clubs, it is a girl with a face like the ass of a horse with a body to match, yet she is clad in provocative clothing and is slathered with tons of makeup with her hair done and manicures. Her look is often accompanied by garlands of expensive jewelry and she usually smells strongly of designer perfume.
You know you are looking at an ugly bitch trying to look pretty when you see a humanoid hippo-chimpanzee hybrid dressed in an off-the-shoulder J.Lo top that is tied up to reveal her hairy stomach and linty outie, a skin-tight leather micromini small enough to be a belt, and thigh-high 7" tall boots. Her face is often encrusted with a layer of makeup that fails to conceal the yellow-white tops of her dime-sized acne. Behavior includes, flirting, strutting "sexily," blowing kisses and batting eyelashes.

Guy: Look at that ugly bitch trying to look pretty!
Other Guy: Does she seriously think that see-through blouse if going to fool anyone?
Guy: *Barfs*
by IluvB123 March 03, 2005
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A female that tries to look good by hiding her true attributes, usually a girl who tries to take a lot of pictures on online dating sites where she hides her fat or ugly side so that a male mistakes for that of a pretty girl. These pictures usually hide moles, fat, and just overall hideousness. Maybe found all over the world.
"Yo I'm about to bag this girl Christina on myspace" "Oh hell no nigga, she's fat as hell, she's on of those girls who are an ugly bitch trying to look pretty"

by ALLhailTHISnigga March 11, 2009
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