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Giving uber retarded advice non stop, ultra emotional and anti male advice........such as relationship advice which mainly chicks should be giving, or advice on what they believe is the best way to do everything, the only way the uber way. Getting mad when someone does not help them with a pointless unimportant project or activity, such as interior decorating or techno trans homosexual gay butt orgies. Consistently not acting like a dude, making people question his actions and preferences. Constant one upsman ship, non stop uber competitiveness, always striving to be better than everyone instead of just chilling and attempting to be cool. Listening to the Uber gayest version of music such as having your windows down blasting trans-progressive gets no poon and is not cool in any country, few exceptions may be made in Europe. Fair weather uber sports wanna be fan that has no idea about sports or anything relating to being a male. Stares at themselves more than anyone on earth and its beyond uber conceded and cocky, its uber sensi overbearing homosexual. The king of OVERBEARING in every aspect of life, especially with overthinking.
Awg gives more advice than Oprah, Maury, and Dr. Phil combined that is so uber sensi ish, all being done while lying in a completely homosexual manner on either a coach chair or bed.
by Dman857 April 09, 2008
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