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a SEXY 5'9 starting cornerback for #1 college football team LSU. he goes by nicknames TM7 and of course the HONEY BADGER. One of the best players at LSU. Up for a heisman. Failed a Drug test for smoking weed and got suspended from the Auburn game.
You: Who is Tyrann Mathieu?
Me: Cornerback for LSU, yahh know... the HONEY BADGER
You: why do they call him the honey badger?
Me: because he don't give a shit. He just takes what he wants!
by sks18 October 26, 2011
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1.Honey Baddger.

2.A kick-ass football player for Louisiana State University.
3. The ability to take what you want because you want it, with or without kicking ass in the process.
Honey Baddger

Look dude, you had better get out of my way before I do a Tyrann Mathieu on your ass.
by Jabyron1 December 04, 2011
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