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The pinnacle of manliness. A true alpha male.

If anything, he could be described as the perfect combination of sexy and sweet.

Ever heard of a 16pack? Tyler Larson has one. Superman’s pecks would be considered puny compared to Tyler Larson’s ripped chest and overall physique.
Also known as “the drift king” in winter months he is highly skilled in many areas.

Dunking is his specialty, he created the term “3-point dunk”

Alex Hitchens (The Movie Hitch) was mentored by Tyler Larson. He taught him everything he knows and then went on to create an astounding blockbuster production about his apprentice.

The character “Troy Bolton” was based on Tyler Larson’s life. Although they had to tone it down slightly in order to make the story believable.
Overall perfect human being, he leaves girls on read for a living while at the same time treating them right. HE IS MR.RIGHT. HE IS THE MAN. HE IS EVERYONE'S MEME DADDY & HE IS.....TYLER LARSON
OMG I think that was Tyler Larson over there, he is soooo sexy. Isn’t he guy with the 18 pack????
by Napolean TNT May 04, 2018
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