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Delsoate and depressing at the same damn time, the chuntyest of spots close to a contaminated/polluted water source. A tweaker ravine has an overall sense of a meth binge circumference of a swapmeet/circus/traphouse all containing rements of lighters, empty malt liquor 40oz bottles, and rusty syringes. Just by breathing you can contract something in the air surronding. These areas are indigenous to strung-out tweakers that are male/female/ or a down syndrome hermaphrodite(?) usually in their late 20's-mid 30's(typical life expectancy is short). These "its" have repeadtely stolen goods from your local 7/11 or Food 4 Less! Watch out for these remote areas!
Lake Elsinore and Pomona are great examples of finding a flourishing tweaker ravine population.
by Suga Watson and Chri$$y Toot$ February 27, 2013
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