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Dilapidated motorcycles, old computers, and other junk that represents a net waste-of-time and money to resuscitate for even the most skilled and diligent of DIY hackers.

In the dreamy eyes of the tweaker, however, this rusty lawnmower he found in a ditch represents an incredible sparkling opportunity to do a "fun" Burning Man project, or something of the like.

The project, however, never gets completed, and the rusty lawnmower gets stored in some community hacker's community workshop space, taking up space that would otherwise be used for more plausible projects.
"Tell Tim to stop bringing all of that tweaker poop back to the shop, I can hardly even get back to my welder without climbing over his rusty three-wheeler and the leaky row-boat."
by SpaceSpace August 13, 2006
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