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Fat ass loser who cant get off his ass to play sports and the only thing he does play is halo and starcraft./Loser
"Man that guy is such a Tuv."
"I hope that Tuv rots in hell."
"You're almost as bad as a Tuv."
by william crazyface January 02, 2008
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A fat ass loser who sits around doing nothing all day and wont get up for anything physical. Not as bad as chase though.
"Free Muse concert at the bowl!"
"You go without me, im tired"
by monomoo July 28, 2008
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Tell someone their bra strap is showing
its like xyz thats for your zipper but this doesn't stand for anything so just say hey cutie T.u.v
by HannahLalala November 01, 2011
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