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the coolest place in mount olive besides dunkin donuts and "school". its got like 9 fields, that no one really cares about. 2 sets of bathrooms that are now closed because our cool ass kids couldnt stop ruining them, getting high in them, and makin more kids in them :) so now we have these lovely porter-pottys that are great to get high in too :) people go there to hangout, because well thats how cool mount olive is!! and then around 9, cops come out looking for all those high teens, but our cops are sooo smart, that they dont bother to get their lazy asses out of the car, and actually look for them all hidin on the fields. wow. sooo basically... if ya wanna have sex, get high, or pretend your cool, go to tb :)
sally: hey! wanna hangout??
johnny: your from mountolive right? so that means you'll blow me right??
sally: YEAH!!
johnny: at the turkey brook place right??
sally: yeahh!! you roxbury kids are so smart!!
by we didnt start the fire August 11, 2008
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the park in which theres nothing but fields for various sports, where little kids get high and smoke and have smoking parties. where the "cool kids" hang out and where future juvenile delinquents chill in there spare time. where weed is always available and where theres a dog park that has been there that no one knew about for years.

located in mount olive and often abbreviated as tb, which is believed to have been started by seventh graders
bob: hey lets hang out to day
phil: we can't do it at my house
bob: mine neither.
phil: i know, lets get high at turkey brook instead!
bob: great!
by tinaaaaaaaaalkdsjfdf July 10, 2008
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