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Turka Durka describes turkish people who are commonly confused with middle eastern people. Also it is a common nick name given to a man named Arslan who is turkish but is still made fun of for being middle eastern even tho he is turkish.
arslan walks into room: Sup TurkA durka (arslan) bastards.

Turka durka muhamid gehand turka turka.
by Tom vanderHorst July 30, 2006
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What An Indian(Middle Eastern) Person Says When He Is Either Angry Or Happy. Sometimes It Will Be Said And Maybe Even Chanted. Either Way It Is A Show Of Race Or Background And On Rare Occasions Is Used As A Show Of Power.
The Indian Man Chanted "Turka Durka" When He Won The Lottery.
by Jizz813 October 06, 2011
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