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1. The thin remains of a turd that dont flush the first time, and usually sink to the bottom.

2. A cruel insult for someone who sucks, smells like shit, and you cant get rid of them.
1. -twinx- hey eric, i was takin a crap yesterday reading man on man action, and i got up, flushed the toilet, and those nasty turd flakes were there... so, i tried to flush it.

-eric- STIMMT! i hate those things!

2. -seth- oh no, its drew!!!! i hope he showered today.

-drew- hey guys! I got you some yummy bottle caps! and by the way, why did you leave me at the mall the other day, you seemed really eager to leave, and if you guys wouldn't have left me... this freek melanie wouldnt have scopped me!

-seth- go home you stupid turd flake.
by Poot Gremlin... of DOOM July 17, 2006
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