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1-a way of asking whats up, whats going on. when someone says "what you tumbat/tum" they are saying what are you doing or, what do you wanna do?

2 - It can be phrased as a question, statement, or suggestion. You can agree to something by saying tumbat/tum, or use tumbat/tum to phrase a question, IE: if you hold up a beer and say "tumbat/tum?" you are asking if they want the beer, the person can then use tumbat/tum as a positive response meaning they want the beer.

3 - tumbat can mean a variety of different things depending on how you use it, IE: in the last above situation stated, "tumbat" could mean "cheers" or "drink" you got the idea if yous really get creative tumbat!
-1- "hey whats up"- "what you tumbat/tum", "are you watching the game tonight" - "you tumbat/tum the game tonight"

2 - do you wanna get some food/ i wanna get some food - "tumbat/tum gettin some food", or "im tumbat/tum gettin some food"
by L&BC September 22, 2007
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