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An ancient form of concealing during self masturbation in which the masturbatour turns his or her back towards the unwanted on-looker then pulls the covers over himself. He or she then begins to wail away using stealth and muffled grunts into the pillow until he or she is satisfied. often times during this ancient ritual the victim I.e. roommate, brother, girlfriend, or any other onlooker will become emensly disgusted and leave the general area. It is a terrible thing to witness a tuck'n tug and we suggest that one recieves serious mental therapy after a witnessed incodent.
My roommate was really horny and thought it was a good idea to do a tuck'n tug while i was in the room... I knew what he was really doing then proceeded to throw up!
by Jarome Delefuante October 16, 2007
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