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well ladies, when you think you've had all possible positions, please try Mr. Kenworth on:
Sit Down Position
How to do it:
He lies on his back and gets into the old “bicycle” exercise position: His hips and butt are in the air with his weight resting on his shoulders and elbows and his hands holding his hips high. You stand facing away from him and lower yourself onto his penis by sitting down on his butt. His feet then rest against your back while you place your fingers on the backs of his thighs for balance.
Why you'll love it:
Yes, this one is a little tricky! His penis needs to be bent backward through his legs, which is why a semi-erection works best. Why attempt it? He might not love it, but you will. You’re in the driver’s seat, so you can custom-order your orgasm by controlling the depth of penetration and speed of thrusting.
try it, you'll drive it
my lord, did you see that pig hauler usin the trucker seat?
by buzzj June 21, 2008
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