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a room mate who haz a good job..iz neat and klean..a roommate who lets yu eat sum of their snakz..want eat yur snakz...buyz yu cigereetz..but..they dnt smoke..runz aroun n ther underwear...if yu akt rite,they mite blank yu....and who alwayz pay yur half of rent...and believs yu will pay thm bak..and who was an ass as hard as a koffee table..
dang dude,my trophy roommate went to work.and she didnt make no noise,so i kud sleep all trophy roommate paid my rent,and she knowz i dont have o job..allright dude,my trophy roommate has her hot orange g-string on and shez drinkn trophy roommate is eating eratikly,lowering her self esteem,she will turn to me for possitive affermationz,my oppurtunity to smash that ass..
by white trash rabbi dude February 18, 2010
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