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So trolling is the act of intentionally purposefully provoking others on the internet usually in excess by typing insults or randomness.

To “troll shuffle” is to log onto a shuffling webcam site (stickam, chat roulette, etc) and to randomly type to people. With no real intention of conversation; simply to be annoying or awkward. The more awkward or obscene or random you are the stronger the Trollin shuffle is!

The ultimate goal of Trollin’ a shuffle is to get the look of complete disguest or lack of understanding face and then to be booted, nexted, kicked, or any other word describing the conversations end.
Suhamm sloshed : I am on Stickam in the Shuffle mode and just typing randomness to people.

SEAMOORE BUTTS: youz just trollin shuffle aren't you suhamm?
suhamm sloshed: hahahahhahaahhaha
suhamm sloshed: is there such thing
Randy:There is now! (logs onto and creats this new phenom word)
by Randoni May 12, 2010
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