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A troll channel is a channel on youtube or like websites that belongs to an internet "troll" (someone who purposely posts offensive comments for the sole purpose of their own amusement)

These are examples of some things a troll might say:

*"I hate all *insert offensive racial slurr here* because they *insert false stereotype here*"

*"Butt sex is illegal, because it goes against my religion."

*"She's a prostitute whore."

(notice how none of these statements are based on any form of intelligence.)

A troll channel will often include offensive, racist, sexist, homophobic, lude, or sexual videos.

A troll's favorite thing to do is spam.
His troll channel was deleted, because it was deemed overly offensive by site administrators.

by Urnameisalreadybeingused January 11, 2009
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