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-mindless mockin jock talk
-can be used in any part of a conversation, ie 'i went to the triple bill mall the other day, and triple bill picked up a triple double justin pair of pants'
-such exstatic mocking of a jocks entire universe, the kind of jocks that get naked and piss on each other in the showers, the orgasmic sensation those jocks have, is put into a derogatory message 'TRIPLE BILL!'
-where one 'bill guerin' shout just doesn't cut it, you now have three
'triple bill guerin guy!'
did you just see what happened? yeah that was great!, i know triple bill!
'bill guerin to the triple bill guerin guy'
'triple bill!'
'triple bill guerin to the double justin guerin guy!'
by Dominic St. Pierre December 04, 2006
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