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Female masturbating, i.e, the female equivilent of jacking off. Originates from the lyrics of a once-popular hip-hop song by the group OutKast called "Caroline". Widely used by high school/college students on Chicago's North Shore. Variations: trig off, trig yourself, triggering, trig
1. adverb
-"Why is Cindy so fucking happy today? Her boyfriend dumped her just last week!"
-"Looks like someone's been trigging off in the supply closet again...!"

2. verb
"Susie's boyfriend was terrible in bed. She had to trig off every time just to come!"

3. noun (insult)
-"Hello Jim."
-"Why, hello Susie. Apparently you're a whorey trig. And how's your mother?"
by Else August 11, 2006
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