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TRIGGER SHOOK is the after shock feeling you have when you've just heard or been told the most ridiculous thing that "Trigger
" & "Shook" have become the new HYPE & FASTLY trending slanguage (slang language) && supposedly killing the act of "Chillin' "
At a party

Bro 1: " suppp brraahh??"
Bro 2: " it's about to TRIGGER BRRRAAAH??? Shots got me TURNT UP!!!! IT'S SHOOOOK, I'm SHOOOOK!"
Bro 3: " Dude, it's CHILL"
Bro 1 & 2: " Get the fuck out BRO.." (kicked out of place)
Bro 3: "What the fuck? I'm TRIGGER SHOOK"

To be "chill" is no exception..BALLS Up or get out!
by VixenBeck March 09, 2017
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