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bastardization of french: "how gothic!"

adj., Used to describe actions (or inactions) of another that are precieved to be aesthetically pleasing (usually through the use of darker colors/darker styles-writing/clothing/musical/ or darker sense of humor) by the person using the word (usually one possessive of a gothic aesthetic themselves).
1.:While at a coffee house poetry slam a poem of eloquent yet stinging heartache is read, a girl leans over and whispers to her friend, "trez gotic... no?"
2.:Versaci's fall line included a black fishnet floorlength number whose austerity and grace balanced with its haute couture accents for a distinctly sophisticated and trez gotic effect.
3.:Jez stepped closer to the edge of the mountain and looked up at the billowing dark storm clouds approaching. the wind blew her hair away from her face and she thought of her father and his absence from her life, and the faceless men that had since come to pass. It began to rain, and the sky was already fading into night. jez whispered to the wind, "mmmm, trez gotic, mere nature"
by illustry July 23, 2003
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