A civilized and fancy cocktail party held somewhere around christmas time, where you only invite your favorite friends. Guests are expected to bring a tree ornament to hang on your christmas tree. If a guest was fortunate enough to have been invited last year, he or she is only expected to hang their existing ornament.
Tree trimming party hosts are rumoured to provide their guests with fine wines and spirits, delicious food and lavish special treats with gold trimmings.
"- Hey Peter, do you remember hanging your ornament at Nick and Sarah's tree trimming party last year?
- Yeah! I brought them a gay pride flag ornament! And then Nick showered me with lavish special treats with gold trimmings!
- Wow! Awesome! Can't wait for this year's!
- Are you sure you're invited?"

"- Hey, are you going to Nick and Sarah's christmas party?
- Dude, it's a tree trimming party."
by Claus and Blitzen December 1, 2013