A sexual maneuver in which the male defecates into the females mouth, and then proceeds to slam her face into a wall.
Don: Man I was doin some fetish shit with this really hot girl, and i gave her a trainwreck

Eric: Legit!
by Akhmed Khazir January 05, 2009
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Two extremely hot girls who:
1. if you've met, you'll never forget or
2. if you haven't met, you'd better watch out for.
Also known for hysterical antics at parties, passing out in random dudes' beds, and generally being awesome.
"C&C are so damn hot...I wanna be in the path of THAT trainwreck."
by totallyawesome August 10, 2005
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How Chuck Todd described the Presidential Debate on NBC news.
β€œIt was purely a train wreck.”
by Mitzonu September 29, 2020
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When you cum so hard your dick feels like its about to explode
Oh fuck baby keep going AGHH *Cums* holy shit that was a trainwreck
by hskjdghuehskjdhf March 12, 2019
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a broken penis caused by interference with an object or excessive friction similar to railway cars that fold when they run into a car. a trainwreck can occur when a penis runs into a dry vagina or anus or foreign object inserted into either of the aformentioned orifices.
dude, bob's in the hospital with a trainwrecked dick!
by dirtybeard August 25, 2009
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